Really, Holey Socks Art started years ago out of necessity.  Only recently, has it become my way of life.

After graduating college (for the second time) in 2004 with a BFA in painting, I bought myself a gocco printing press and set to work.  The great thing about printmaking is you can make multiples.  The bad thing? You have multiples. Many, many multiples.  After covering my entire 1 bedroom apartment in cards and prints it became obvious something needed to be done. So was born my first Etsy shop.

Over the years, the shop has morphed and changed, closed with marriage and birth, reopened, changed more, but always, always brought me joy.

I have always loved to draw and create ever since I was a child. As the artist, Louise Bourgeois, says “I am not what I do, I am what I do with my hands”. I don’t feel whole unless I am creating & I’m not fickle about my media.  I love it all.  Whether it’s the classics, such as drawing or painting, or the crafts, such as knitting, sewing or embroidering, I am happy when I am making. That’s why you will find so many different types of items for sale here and on Etsy.

I Am My Hands

Many people have asked me where the name Holey Socks has come from. It’s really a long story not near as fun and glamorous as it sounds.  Essentially, it takes root from my work in college including my thesis show (and a strange obsession with sock monkeys & sock puppets), but more than that I feel as if it explains me, my art, & my life in a nutshell. Holey socks (the real kind) require mending or darning.  Did you know that darning used to be an art form? It was about more than making something functional again; it was about fixing something broken (out of necessity) yet making it beautiful, more beautiful than it had been before (out of joy).

And that’s what I do. I make things more beautiful than they once were and I do it with joy. I make the act of creating an art form.  I transform simple materials into heirlooms. I heal & I mend.  I’m a mom that has kids with holes in their socks and holes in mine from chasing them around. I am part of a family that from time to time requires mending and I fix it and strive to make it more beautiful than it was the day before, and darn it all, I do it with joy.