If forced to choose between the immediacy of painting and the slow, methodical approach of embroidery, I don’t think I could. Much like my inner self, my artwork swings between extremes; from the pleasure of a brush gliding across paper laying down large blocks of color to the slow, carefully placed needle piercing then pulling through fabric. There is little difference in the overall look of each piece from afar, but much changes with the simple choice of its medium.

This ever shifting swing in mood has led me on many adventures artistically, but internally things become a bit messier. Anxiety and depression have plagued me for years with my art having been a way of exploring these emotions and a way to communicate them to others, but it is never long before this exploration takes me down the rabbit hole. More recently, I have turned to art to explore the things that heal me, that build me up and free me. Time and again, my art has kept me afloat, pulled me from darkness, reminded me of the truth, and it is my hope that my work may serve to do this for others; to remind them of the beauty in the universe and point them toward the light.

I’m Holey Socks, aka Kelly Meyer. I graduated from St Cloud State University in 2004 with a BFA and emphasis in painting.