Hi, I’m Kelly.  Self Portrait

I am an avid book worm, tattoo lovin’, social activitst mama who loves to cook, collect rocks, troll garage sales & thrift stores, read good poetry, write BAD poetry, has a weird fascination with David Hasselhoff, Shaun Cassidy & sock monkeys, newly Christian, coffee guzzlin’, moderately green, carb loving, full fat, wannabe hippie, creative type.  I love to garden, to draw, paint, sew and create!

I believe in honesty and laying it all out on the line. I can often be perceived as blunt or intense. I dread small talk. I want to make connections, discuss ideas and be a true and transparent human being. I strive to follow my heart in all things even if that means saying or doing something unpopular or that goes against the grain. Overall, I like to think I’m an all around good egg.

My hubby

The Hubs, and I met in January of 2006 and were married in September of that same year.  When it’s right you just know, ya know? He’s the inspiration for many of my pieces and the rock I need when shit hits the fan.

Oh, did I warn you I swear like a sailor? I try to keep it to a minimum, but since I can’t swear in front of my kids I have to let it out somewhere. Did I mention yet that I’m the proud mama of identical twins?

My Bear, chaos in motion

Bear, preceding her sister into the world by 1 minute, is pure silliness.  She loves to make others laugh, is a dare devil, and will play up nearly any injury/insult to elicit a hug and kiss.  She will not hesitate to crawl into my lap, hang on me, or climb me any chance she gets. She makes friends easily and is a joy to be around.  She’s a tech guru and amazing at puzzles and figuring things out.

My Baggins covered in tattoo markers


Baggins, is the more serious of the two. She is pure love, full of empathy, concern, generosity & snuggles, but watch out, she is a dreadful foe when angered! She blossoms like a flower with even the slightest praise and sings me the most wonderful made up songs.



On the blog you will read about all of my weird idiosyncrasies & obsessions, family life, art, crafting and more.  In the shop you will find items I create with much joy so that you can create, too. So, come along for the ride and feel free to fly your crazy flag, too, as you go. I will certainly be waving mine.